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3Feb'16 - One Language

How would the one common uncorrupted language effect the world?

3Feb'16 - Speaking Animals

The serpent spoke to Eve. How was life in the time of speaking animals?

2Feb'16 - Biodegradable Technology

Transportion systems including flying? Where did all of the artifacts go? Maybe all of the technology was Biodegradable.

1Feb'16 - Trades

What if they could do complex calculus easily in their heads? What if envisioning the rotation of the planets and moons was a kindergaren exercise? So, what if what takes the most gifted of us nine years of university study to learn was a single child's course? Imagine being able to have 30 Ph.Ds in your mind before you were 33. Then imagine having 800 years to develop new advances. Imagine collaboration with millions of people without any language barrier.

1Feb'16 - Pollution

The use of technology over the years seems to imply negative side effects related to pollution. What if back in the 1st millenium there were polution free techniques that have since degraded to pollution creating results? What if THEY could burn some fuel without pollution?

1Feb'16 - Memory

Noting the decline in lifespan from Adam to Noah and as compared to today we can see that they would be viewed as having super powers if transported to the 21st century. This could imply that their memory would be nearly perfect. As such our crutch of using written documents for record-keeping would not be needed. Have a court date? Just have the witnesses repeat what happened since they would have perfect recall.

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